Osage Beach Walk-In X-Ray

We take walk in X-Rays! All you need is a script from your doctor and you could have your X-Rays done in minutes. The X-Ray is electronically imaged by our technologist and the radiologist reviews the images.

The report is dictated immediately and your referring physician receives the report via fax the same day the images are taken.

Our independent center eliminates the hospital environment, allowing you to drive right up and park near the front door. Our facility offers a comfortable and private environment for you to have your tests done. Your study is completed efficiently and is reviewed by a board certified radiologist. Results are faxed or called to your doctor the same day as your test.

We also often consult your doctor over the phone to eliminate miscommunications in your report on complex findings. We offer fast, convenient, accurate, same day diagnostics for you and your family.

What is an X-Ray?How does an X-Ray work?How long does an X-Ray take?How is it done?Are there any risks with X-Ray?How soon after my X-Ray is taken will I receive my results?
What is an X-Ray?
X-Rays are black and white pictures obtained by using an X-Ray machine. The pictures show bones, organs, and tissue inside the body.
How does an X-Ray work?
X-Rays use waves of electromagnetic radiation to form pictures. Safe, low doses of radiation pass through the body and produce a black and white image on a computer screen. As the waves pass through the body, different tissues absorb the X-Rays in different amounts. For example, bones are dense so they absorb a lot of the X-Ray and appear white on the film. Skin, fat, and muscle appear darker because they don’t absorb as much of the X-Rays.
How long does an X-Ray take?
X-Rays can take as little as a minute or up to 15 depending on how many areas need to be examined.
How is it done?
You will be asked to remove any clothing covering the area of the body that will be X-Rayed. If necessary, you will be given an examination and a lead drape may be used to shield other parts of your body. Depending on the area being X-Rayed, you will need to stand, sit, or lie down on the machine. A technician will position you to give the best view possible.
Are there any risks with X-Ray?
Radiation exposure to unprotected areas can be harmful to growing children, pregnant women, and reproductive organs. Therefore, Advanced Radiology has strict policies to ensure your safety.

If you are a woman and there is a possibility that you are pregnant, a pregnancy test will be administered. Each case will be addressed in an individual manner to ensure your safety.

How soon after my X-Ray is taken will I receive my results?
After your X-Ray is taken, it is electronically available to our radiologists for reading. Our radiologist dictates a report that is transcribed and faxed to your physician. The report is usually in your doctor’s hand within two hours, but we guarantee it will be the SAME DAY!